About (Origins)

Dichotomie houses the professional creative endeavors of a multi-discipline artist.

The Body:

By the age of eleven, Stephen King (It, Nightmares and Dreamscapes), Robert Jordan (Conan) and Richard Wright (Black Boy, book one), expanded his mind beyond his years and made him aware of his mortality. The characters within the authors’ masterfully crafted stories lived their entire lives from chapter to chapter until they died. Odé realized so would he. Looking backward became a crushing habit that met its end by the habit of rereading. Every time he picked up these books, the characters were there to die again; to strive, acquire, triumph, fail, love, and die again. In that way, he learned, they always lived. So came wisdom – and a purpose. Write, and you can exist in any age as long as you’re on paper.

The Mantle:


Lord Bison is an amalgamation of Bronx life; Marble Hill, Morris Heights, scraped knees and knuckles on gum-pocked concrete, Pony, Sergio Valente, and Ellesse brands, fire escapes as extended living rooms, Nintendo, unsuccessful wheelie attempts on bikes, Johnny’s at City Island, Run Run Shaw films, floor model televisions, hand-me-downs and tears that could never be shed. Not then. There was no formal training for his writing style, just graffiti-filled walls, MC Hammer, Entenmann’s cheesecake, corporal punishment as the instruction to stay alive on American streets. His primary form of expression is through means that require a visceral intelligence – poetry/spoken word and photography.

The Mission

To create written works of art, share them with the world, get accolades, get paid and inspire others to do the same.


To exist; breathe; jumble; revel in stolen moments on the way to Life’s end and deliberately lose the receipt. Also, what he said.

Lord Bison