About (Origins)

Inside you there are two
one who lives, and the other, one who dreams

If this is true
then both have power over what seems

The Body:

Words on paper became an essential ingredient in his life during his formative years. Exposure to authors and storytellers beyond his young age evolved his imagination faster than a typical child’s. Creative (short story, novels) and later dramatic (stage, screen, television, documentary) writing became extensions of his identity and were honed in the commercial space. He continues to fine-tune his passion through honest, engaging storytelling/reporting and supportive freelance work.

The Mantle:


Necessity is the father of invention. 

Lord Bison’s existence is a result of the friction between frustration with the injustice of the pending “yes”, “you’re good enough”, “okay, you’re in”, and the natural tendency to create. Lord Bison’s justice is focused, yet uncompromising auteurism in action; in the end, it makes a curious blend of remote island and harbor. Though sharing one vessel, Lord Bison is distinct; power visible in a mirror’s reflection and in the creative output shown here.

The Mission

To create written works of art, share them with the world, get accolades, get paid and inspire others to do the same.


To exist; breathe; jumble; revel in stolen moments on the way to Life’s end and deliberately lose the receipt. Also, what he said.

Lord Bison