This agreement details the work-for-hire arrangement between Odé (identified herein as Work for Hire) and ____________________ (identified herein as Client), in support of Client’s copy or editing needs using Work For Hire’s creative, analytical, and/or writing and editing skills. This agreement outlines a temporarily binding, mutual understanding that:

Section 1: Work for Hire Disclaimers

  1. Any work done in support of Client’s project will be, once confirmation of completion of scope of work is agreed by both parties, the sole property of Client, but Work for Hire reserves the privilege to use final version for portfolio examples (with links to the copy, where relevant and applicable). Email agreement with signature will signify that the job is complete and with final payment, Client has free and clear use of copy/edited material for any purpose(s) at Client’s discretion. 
  2. Any changes or edits whatsoever to the confirmed final copy are at the exclusive discretion of Client and Work for Hire is not responsible for any resulting adverse/undesirable results from such edits (be it less traffic/sales/negative reviews, etc), and shall not hold Work for Hire responsible in any form.
  3. Work for Hire is responsible for promised turnaround time within previously agreed-to expectations. Turnaround time varies with urgency, timing and type of assignment being solicited and is confirmed with Client prior to Work For Hire’s actual start. Two turnaround windows missed results in a 20% loss of total weekly compensation owed to Work for Hire. Time is money, and both parties agree that respect for each other’s precious time is essential/non-negotiable. In good faith, Work for Hire makes this promise.

Section 2: Workflow & Compensation

  1. Work For Hire is paid electronically by 12pm for the duration of the project. Work for Hire has an account with PayPal, CashApp, or Zelle. If Client prefers CashApp or PayPal, instant transfer fee will be included (average cost is $.30-$1.50) within payment. Depending on the chosen structure:
    5-hour workflow @ 5 days/wk
    5-hour workflow @ 3 days/wk
    3-hour workflow @ 5 days/wk
    3-hour workflow @ 3 days/wk, Client will compensate Work for Hire at the end of each work week block (ex: Client will send compensation on the final day of the work week block)
  2. Client will send payment prior to Work For Hire releasing final draft of work; Work for Hire will email finalized version within 5 minutes of receipt of funds.

Section 3: Cancellations, Expectations & Refunds

  1. Work for Hire reserves the right to cancel the project agreement and cease all productivity without penalty for the following reasons.
    – Client does not fund project in full at agreed intervals* or does not compensate Work for Hire at agreed fee**
    a. (*) If fee is later than 1 business day, Work for Hire halts productivity and delivery of any due drafts until such payment is made and deposited. If this delay results in necessary adjustment to the promised turnaround time or final project date completion, this will be Client’s responsibility and any resulting damages to business reputation or productivity will be the sole responsibility of Client. This will also extend the payment expectations given that more time will be added on to project. If no payment is made after 3 business days with no prior written explanation or justification, Work for Hire will cancel the project, delete the progress of material and retain any amount of compensation owed prior to the halt in productivity.
    b.(**) If expected fee is not equal to the agreed sum prior to start, Work for Hire will halt productivity of project until remaining balance is given. If balance is not paid in full within 3 business days, Work for Hire will cancel project as above in a(*).
    – Professional barriers/etiquette are/is broken
    a). The use of coercion, threats, or intentionally disrespectful language/dialogue to effect an outcome for the project. Times are stressful, but not that stressful.
    b)  Deviation – with no reasonable window of prior notice – from the agreed-upon plan that was originally confirmed at project start. For example, if Client agreed to an X plan and then switches in mid-project to another direction – E plan – this would result in the mitigating of the work/effort done up to that point, resulting in undesirable work results.
  2. Client reserves the right to cancel project and where applicable receive a refund for the following reasons:
    – Work for Hire’s personal circumstances {having no involvement with Client} pose an unacceptable interruption in productivity(*)
    (*) unforeseen illness or physical accident, sudden relocation, etc. Work for Hire is responsible for notifying Client within 3 hours of the event’s origin with acknowledgement of inability to manage circumstance and retain integrity with project. If Client is unable/unwilling to accommodate circumstance (ex: extending turnaround time or length of project expectation), Work for Hire will refund any payment regarding UNFINISHED work. Work For Hire will have no rights to the work at this stage, not even for portfolio examples.

Section 4: Availability & Communication

  1. Client has access to Work for Hire Monday through Friday and most holidays (excluding New Year’s Eve & Day, Thanksgiving Day) within a time block of Client’s choice: 7am-3pm, 8am-4pm, 9am-5pm or 10am-6pm for the life of the project.
    Emails can be sent after the chosen work block, but will be read/responded to during the appropriate block. Client can expect Work for Hire to respond:
    Text: Immediate to 5 minutes
    Email: Immediate to 10 minutes
    Zoom chats/phone calls will be scheduled at least two hours in advance, however, Work for Hire will provide flexibility when needed/where appropriate – unforeseen circumstances arise that may call for unscheduled communication.

Thank you for this opportunity to work together to accomplish your goals. As my father always said, the ride stops when you stop. Let’s keep going to do what we’re here to do: be great.