Copy Editing


Copy Writing

Skills: Dramatic, Creative, Copy, Technical writing, expanded vocabulary, Creative analysis, Editing


Provide crafting services to laypeople and professionals using a superior blend of writing styles in support of a larger impact for their identity, brand/product, and presence – online and beyond.


Expression: A primary function of expression is sharing your “why” and making it apparent for others to enjoy and subscribe to.
Community: It requires team ownership to bring about real change. As essentially a creative midwife, your creation becomes mine from the initial process to the crucial moments leading to its birth.
Transparency: Our partnership thrives off candid and informative exchanges to bring about the best possible end goals for the project. This is where trust is built, and therefore a relationship that continues to add mutual value and substance to everything we partner on.

Who are my potential clients?

  • Small and mid-sized businesses who advertise products or employ the use of services to a specific market
  • Freelancers in various industries who may not have the time nor the energy (or confidence) to craft compelling copy for their sites  
  • Laypeople creatives who want to develop an online presence with the right combination of words and deeds and may need some pointers

What do I bring to the table?

30 years of obsessive experience with the written word and a unique blend of multiple disciplines within the craft. By taking experiences from screen, stage, television, documentary, poetry/spoken word, novel, and traditional copywriting, I bring a higher degree of expression and reach that others in their respective, insular fields do not have.

What is my general expertise?


  • Static copy (i.e. bio, about, mission statements/values)
  • Technical or creative product description
  • Headline & Tagline, long & short copy


  • Light, medium or heavy
  • Proofreading & Message/brand voice alignment

What is not covered?

Graphic design execution
(NOTE: a temporary addition to your creative team is just fine)


Tier 1: For projects that require up to two weeks
         Tier 2: For projects that need up to two months
                 Tier 3:  Projects with much longer commitment

All possibility begins with human contact. You’re invited to get in touch for rates (which, for a limited time, are generously discounted) or any other questions you may have, including questions about projects that would not fall under the above-mentioned packages (flexibility is key to creation).