What you’ve done


What you can do

On one hand is the past; it can tell you much about what it took to get to where that place you wanted to reach was. And you reached it. Great!… But can it teach you the same way twice? 

On the other hand is Now; it can only wait for you to show it where to go. And where that goes, well…you choose.


Creative Writing Outloud was a podcast series dedicated to up-and-coming-coing literary artists who pushed boundaries in creative ways. Grateful to have been chosen. PLAY HERE to listen to my contribution.

Triade Magazine was an online trilingual literary magazine that housed art, words and other media. An honor. CLICK HERE to read my entry.

Creative Avenues

Collaborations are places where things so much bigger than us live and grow. Let’s go. 

  • Script (stage, screen, TV) editing
  • Copy writing (campaigns) & Copy editing
  • Poetry sessions 
  • Photo curation
  • Ghost writing
  • Thematic coaching
  • Bio writing services (long/short form)
  • Guest Post writing

For more info, contact me at Lbisonwriter@gmail.com.

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