Pure Joy

Clem profile reworked

Clemroy Tejarris, Jr. has quite a few inspirational notches under his belt that suggests his life is creatively charmed. Blessed with the unwavering clarity to be an artist at an age when most are just learning to tie their shoes, this confident, perceptive gentleman in a linebacker’s body (his younger brother is New York Giants corner back Michael Harris) trained on the field of imagination with illustration, graphic design and animation as his scrimmage team. Being group lectured in the sixth grade by Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee (yes, that Stan Lee) and hand-picked to spearhead Dwayne Wade’s (yes – THAT Dwayne Wade) then-burgeoning entrepreneurial whims shaped his ongoing path to the big leagues.


A Miami, Florida native, Clemroy followed his instincts for success, an eventuality he couldn’t see coming to pass in his home town. Guided by his late mother’s admonitions to never settle for less, he moved to New York City and within seven years of Big Apple (do we still call it that? The unsubsidized, cosmopolitan-industrialist’s playground sounds more apt) living he found his stride; a job passing on his expertise to artistic inner city youth, a supportive wife, and daily inspiration to never stop moving forward and to never stop loving what you do. We chatted in my home office where he shared some experiences and insight sure to appreciate in value as the world and art community gets to know him. He’s ecstatic about his newest project, KidBig: Earth’s Galactic Hero, a game-changing animated series that’s attracting notice as a GoFundMe campaign. Stick close to this one, ladies and gentlemen – his joy is contagious.

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