Underground King(Maker)


 “If you love the process, the product will figure itself out.” It’s just as well that Bronx, New Yorker Dan Chaparro very quickly gets you settled in with his bubbly demeanor, because it just barely prepares you for the hard-hitting wisdom crouched behind it. His thoughts flow with a spontaneous, blue-collar regality that informs a well-earned experience. It is because of these experiences that he is anathema to the stagnant and opinionated, home is a trap he avoids when he’s looking to be creative and, to the delight of most, refers to Trump by his unofficial spirit animal name: the Living Hairpiece.

Dan Image 2

Family obligations altered a traditional career path of school to job; he dropped out of the Pratt Institute sophomore year but landed on his self-taught foundations, inspired in his youth by back issues of Spider-Man given to him by his eldest brother. He moved onward and started a freelancing career that has spanned, in fits and starts (but never stops), nearly two decades. The uncharted route birthed in him an artistic malleability that led to new creative outlets and he earned a production design credit on the short film A Life In Shadows, shown at the Cannes Film Festival the year it was completed.

This kingmaker is destined for the next TED Talk episode on How To Live Full-Out Creatively 101. Before he gets there, please take notes and be ig-knighted with motivation to build kingdoms of your own.

Dan’s current work is always expanding; find it here!

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